About Us

Our founder and designer Minh Trang Pham - aka Madminh, created the brand in 2021 in the heart of Paris. Her passionate vision for art, across all its forms, reflects in our vision for the brand’s aesthetic:

Simple yet complex, classic yet progressive, rebellious yet respectful, and everything in between !

We think of our jewelry and accessoires are wearable artworks, designed and made in our Parisienne atelier with the utmost love and care. We appreciate the delicate balance of our environment and we admire the artisanal hand's know-how of traditional craftsmanship, which have preserved their artistic heritage, in their skills, through generations. Getting to learn these skills, applying it to our work, has been the greatest gift we could ever ask for. 
We strive to move away from conventional standards of modern jewelry, towards sustainable design, with the hope that we could help our customers build a timeless and ethical wardrobe, without compromising on their own personal style.